Our story, from perfume to Poffertjes
The story of Boldoot Poffertjes dates back to the 18th century. Boldoot was the family-named business started in 1789, formerly J.C. Boldoot Eau de cologne perfumery Amsterdam. Eau de cologne was originally the French name for Kölnisch Wasser.



Back to 1789, when the Amsterdam pharmacist Jacobus Cornelis Boldoot started a pharmacy in Amsterdam. Boldoot was by far the largest manufacturer of eau de cologne, where he not only sold salves and powders, but also developed the alcohol-based medicine Keuls water under his own name. ”The remedy”, which, when sprayed on the patient, was claimed to cure migraines and other ailments. However, it did not work, but this became less and less an issue due to its popularity among women, who were enamored by its pleasant aroma.


It became such a hit that everyone wanted to smell like it and scented soap and even scented toothpaste came on the market. In order to be able to sell all these products, the very first Boldoot store was opened in 1919 on the Kalverstraat. From all over the world people came to the shop to buy the goods. Nowadays the building is a protected monument especially because of the façade from 1918 and its original stained glass.

That time Boldoot became the main eau de cologne supplier of five kingdoms: the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


From emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is told that he washed himself daily and sprinkled himself with eau de cologne, which was supplied to him by his perfumer Houbigant in Paris. Mr. Boldoot also wanted to add Napoleon to his client list and traveled back and forth to Paris. Unfortunately Napoleon never became a customer, but Mr. Boldoot’s travels brought him in contact with many of the French markets and vendors, where he was introduced to a French treat called “poffertjes”.

Nowadays the poffertjes have become a real Dutch specialty and they are still traditionally prepared on an old-fashioned copper stove, cooked on each side until golden and served with real butter and powdered sugar.





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